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Children of the Carron (Karaoke style)
a song by Nigel J.C. Turnbull

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5 minutes


This song was written to accompany a video I am putting together on the ‘History of the River Carron’ but I think it works quite well as a standalone song so I have produced this Karaoke version.
The song sheet (and Karaoke) is in the key of C major which may well not suit your voice but the melody is simple and catchy enough to learn. If you’re a bit of a singer, why not record your attempts and send me an MP3. If it’s good enough I will put a verse on this website. I think it might sound good with an unaccompanied group of singers.
Feel free to perform the song at clubs, pubs, schools and local venues. If you would like to use it in a commercial project such as an album, please contact Nigel J.C. Turnbull at

Open and save the song sheet and/or lyrics




I am not a musician but I can write a story and invent a melody while whistling in the bath.
If you are a budding composer with similar limitations you can use computer software to take you up to the next level.
Once you have dusted off the music theory that you had almost forgotten from High School, you need to get musical notes on paper.
The most popular programs for this purpose are currently FINALE 2011 and SIBELIUS. These programs will even output your music using a large collection of classical instruments.
If you get more adventurous you can go on to make computer generated accompaniments in software like ‘Band in a Box’, ‘Sonar Home Studio’, ‘Cubase’, ‘ACID Pro’ and ‘Garage Band — for the Mac’.

I am no expert on the above software so please don’t be asking me for advice.
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